3 weeks of Separation

3 weeks of Separation

 mix media, 16" x 40"

  • Artist Info

    Ricardo Vela

    For many years of my life, photography was my only outlet to express myself, it was the stage I could voice my point of view. Using the camera as my canvas and the light as my brush I could by capture moments in time, sharing the beauty I see in all things, and tell a story. However, my emotions grew stronger as well as the need to re express myself. That led me to retake the brushes, set aside the camera and use the canvas as my new medium of expression. It is on the canvas where RAW emotions, bold colors and their meaning start to take shape, now I am able to express myself with a new voice, a voice coming straight from my soul not only from my surroundings. As I keep walking on this journey, I will continue to challenge myself artistically, I will continue to express who I am, and what I am about. I want to thank all my collectors for giving me the highest compliment an artist can get: owning a piece of my artwork.

  • Short Statement

    These are some of my most recent paintings done while secluded at home. Each one represents mood during this time of crisis. I do integrate the meaning of the colors I use to tell my story. white: purity blue: inner peace red: passion yellow: optimistic look at the future Orange: joy Purple: Creativity