Queen Bee

Queen Bee

16in by 20in canvas and painted with acrylic paint, oil paint, and textured paste.

  • Artist Info

    My name is Seraiah Rincon and I am a fine art student at Chaffey College. I consider myself a figure painter because the subject matter in a majority of my artworks include the human form in one way or another. My preferred choice of medium are acrylic and oil paints, although I also enjoy working with graphite pencils and charcoal.

  • Short Statement

    The artworks that I have submitted are paintings of female anthropomorphic figures. Each painting is on 16in by 20in canvas and was painted with acrylic paint, oil paint, and textured paste. In the "Queen Bee" painting, I have depicted a figure in an elegant fashion and she is set against a surreal landscape filled with honeycomb sticks. The other painting that I have included, "Marie ANToinette", was inspired by an 18th century artist Elizabeth Le Brun who was well known for painting the Queen of France Marie Antoinette. In my version, I have depicted an ant in a very lavish dress holding a cupcake and surrounded by falling cakes.



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