An American Woman Sheltering In Place

An American Woman Sheltering In Place


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  • Artist Info

    Heather Sprague is a professional artist, photographer, and teaching artist living in the Morongo Basin. The underlying theme of all of her work is about connection, whether that be to nature, community, universe, world, or self.

  • Short Statement

    Since my work is about connection to the environment we all live in, at this time I would say these pieces are about disconnection. Spring in the desert is my favorite time of the year. I am usually out daily, hunting for fleeting wildflowers and the insects that come with them, enjoying the break in the weather, between cold and windy, and hot and windy, and generally marveling at the wonders of this harsh environment we call home. This year, however, is different, for all of us. COVID-19 is the thing connecting us right now, but it has also created so much disconnection, both physically and mentally.