Ocean Moon

Ocean Moon

Watercolor, 5x7 inches

  • Artist Info

    Jessica King is a San Bernardino Photographer, Painter and Found Object Artist. She has her Bachelors of Fine Art with an emphasis in Sculpture. Jessica studied under Richard Johnson at California State University San Bernardino. Her family’s roots stretch from the beaches of Oceanside, to the deserts, both high and low, and the northern mountain ranges of the Inland Empire. It is in these locations that Jessica seeks to find herself in the images she captures and the treasure she collects for her found object pieces. Jessica runs her own successful photography business, FaeryWing Designs Photography. Offering specialized custom photo shoots, photo journalistic assignments, as well as professional media event coverage. She is Director of Photography for Mompreneur.buzz and creator of MompreneurBarbie.

  • Short Statement

    These early months of 2020 have found all of us in uncharted territory. People look at my life and see me for only for being "so brave" but really I find myself most often in deep anxiety and fear. Having a daughter with multiple disabilities does make people stronger than they ever knew, but this isolation and fear of my child struggling with life has left me fighting for my sanity. Losing myself through the creative process of art has been one of the ways that has helped me hold on to myself. Watercoloring while in the bath has become a new way for me to deal with the daily bouts of anxiety. I had forgotten how quickly you can express yourself with water. I chose to show "Ocean Moon" out of a growing collection of small 5x7's watercolors because it is so vibrant. It also reminds me of family trips to the beach. We would stay in Oceanside right at the shoreline. I remember full moons that made earth and sky jeweled tones of emerald, jade, and turquoise. Seeing dolphins parading like paper silhouettes in the waves and the the sound of surf rolling back and forth on the sand was like the earth's heartbeat lulling me to slee