Calm in the Clouds?

Calm in the Clouds?

11 x 14 inches, acrylic, whiteout, pen and india ink on watercolor paper.


  • Artist Info

    Jennifer Kane is an artist, arts advocate, and guide from Los Angeles, CA and currently resides in Joshua Tree, California.  Through a multidisciplinary, adaptive art practice Ms. Kane creates opportunities for communities, both embedded and momentary, to gather in unexpected environments, inspiring a deeper understanding and reconnection to self, other, and place.  This is the landscape of her work, and the paintings, drawings, and writing she produces explore and embody these evolving relationships.

  • Short Statement

    This is a 20 minute drawing done as part of an intuitive art session, which my friend hosted in late March 2020. After the stay at home orders, a lot of us were wondering how to stay connected to each other and ourselves. Instagram Live has been a fun platform to work collaboratively, with one host and others being able to sign on when they can. This kind of gathering space has pushed me to let go of old forms and question the shapes and landscapes I always seem to paint instinctively.