I Should Have Put More Red Sauce on My Tacos

I Should Have Put More Red Sauce on My Tacos

acrylic on paper, 11"x14"

  • Artist Info

    Kamelyta Noor

    An abstract fingerpainter, Kamelyta has always had an eye for bright contrasting colors. Her art is unique, bold, classy, quirky and definitely colorful. With one finger, she simply plays colors, letting her feelings and fervor dictate it. She doesn’t think, ponder, meditate, ruminate. She just lets go. Her life, her hunger, her sadness, her anger, her desire, her love, her stories, are all in these magnificent colors. She becomes alive. Kamelyta started finger painting in 2017 and her work has been seen in several galleries including the Perimeter Gallery in Downtown LA Art District, Las Lagunas Gallery in Laguna Beach, and Joshua Tree Art Gallery in Joshua Tree. Currently, she has her artwork displayed in Café Gratitude in Downtown Los Angeles Art District, and she is preparing for a solo show at the Art Depot in Fontana. Kamelyta is represented by Five3Gallery in Laguna Beach and Geo.Metrics Gallery in Ontario.

  • Short Statement

    My works are all fingerpainted, and solely intuitive.