Mask Up

Mask Up

Led and colored pencil drawing. Digitally recolored. Dimensions not applicable (digital image).

Not for Sale.

  • Artist Info

    Adrianna Gonzales

    My name is Adrianna Gonzales. I am a working college student. I work for a healthcare organization and am currently studying nutrition and dietetics at Cal Poly Pomona to become a Registered Dietitian. One of my lifelong passions aside from learning about and encouraging health amongst my loved ones is art. I discovered my artistic abilities by accident in an art class I took in high school. Since then, I have enjoyed expressing myself in various ways through my art. Whenever down time arises, art is always my first go to!

  • Short Statement

    We will overcome this, but in the meantime let’s do our part in keeping our loved ones & communities safe by greatly reducing the spread of this virus. Stay home at all costs.🏡💜 If you absolutely have to go out for essential reasons, limit to one family member who enters the store and at the very least, mask up. Be mindful that the more people who enter the stores, the more the risk is increased for the essential workers who are being exposed to the influx of people in the stores. They don’t want to be there but have to be in order to maintain their livelihood and maintain the structure of our everyday lives. I know & advocate for this because some of these essential workers and healthcare workers are family members and friends of my own. Thank you to all of you healthcare workers and essential workers on the frontlines. Let’s be mindful and get through this so we can all get back to our normal lives and so those who have temporarily or permanently lost their jobs can get back to earning income ASAP.