Blind Melon (Lincoln Park)

Blind Melon (Lincoln Park)

2020 Dye sublimation print in artist frame

19.25 x 17.25 inches (Framed)

Edition 2 of 5 + 2 AP

  • Artist Info

    Ahram Park (b. 1986, Pusan, Korea) is an artist and climber based in Los Angeles, California. He studied economics at Kansas State University and earned an M.F.A from the University of California, Riverside. Park currently explores the natural world through intervention based practices. He serves as an instructor of photography at Chaffey College. Recently, his artworks have been exhibited at Et. Al gallery-San Francisco, rK Gallery-Berlin, Human Resources-Los Angeles, Riverside Art Museum, and the Corridor Gallery-Lawrence, Kansas.

  • Short Statement

    Sometime after the election, I began cutting leaves and photographing them. A small impulse to make something visible again. After many walks, I would mark sites of potential, choosing a trajectory but lacking an objective. The pictures describe a world that you and I occupy, full of plants— many of them just weeds. My interventions left marks that we may recognize but communicate something unknown; they describe decisions shaped to our visual language, but without a clear message. A feeling that both acknowledges and denies my impermanence. Through the looking glass, my city is a forest—an unforgiving but extraordinary place. At its core, it is continuously shifting. Over the years, I have developed my practice to adapt to the conditions of life. This iteration of pictures was confined by space, but grew in possibility.