Lemon Conversation

Lemon Conversation

Los Angeles, 3/27/2020, signed digital print, paper size 11"x11"

  • Artist Info

    Pascaline Doucin-Dahlke born in France, is a contemporary painter and digital artist who lives and works in Los Angeles. She is a licensed architect in France where she first worked as a land planner and urban designer architect for the French government and Disneyland Paris. After moving to the US, she pursued an art education in parallel to working as a set designer for Universal Studios. Then, Los Angeles, a region of constant visual interaction, inspired her to develop in parallel painting and digital artwork. She has participated to several exhibitions in galleries and also in museums in Wisconsin, Florida, California, and Pennsylvania. Her public artwork has been displayed in different neighborhoods around Los Angeles region with murals, street banners, billboards, bus stops, utility boxes and environmental art installations. Pascaline who lives in Mid-City near Fairfax Avenue has created and managed several public art projects and cultural events within Little Ethiopia.

  • Short Statement

    These images are part of a series titled '.S.i.x. .Fe.e.t. Social Distancing' based upon an adjustment to our confinement and new rules for venturing outside our homes.