Morning Blooms

Morning Blooms

oil on canvas, 10x10 inches

  • Artist Info

    Christine E. White

    I paint with oils, in a representational – i.e., not abstract – style. The subject matter is based on my own experiences that I photographed or sketched as reference. I'm drawn to local, Southern California moments: our landscapes, plants and wildlife, domestic pets and fish, and people being themselves. I've lived in Redlands for over 12 years, and prior to that lived in several other corners of the US. Besides painting, I love music and appreciating nature. You can see more of my art by visiting, or following me on social media (facebook: christineewhiteArt, instagram: @christineewhite_art).

  • Short Statement

    These oil paintings are each 10 inches square, painted on 1/4 inch canvas-mounted board, and unframed. They are inspired by nature exploding with life in this odd season: "For the palms, the oaks, the blooms and wildlife - Spring is in full force. Liberated by not only vernal rains but clear air, quiet streets, and a softer human footprint. A set of flowers stretch in the morning light; a koi fish investigates shadows near the surface. Their winter is over; fresh growth is now. And as we wait... indoors, distanced... this Nature is our hope for what the future can be.