archival inkjet Print, 18x12 inches

  • Artist Info

    Raylene M. De La Torre (b. 1994, Pomona,CA) is a Mexican American artist. She is currently pursuing her AA in photography at Chaffey College. She is planning to transfer to university next fall. Her work has been sr included in the 2018 Student Invitational exhibition. Raylene M. De La Torre is an artist who uses photography as her medium to convey ideas that project and focuses on the details that are often overlooked and purposely transforms them into something that stand on its own.

  • Short Statement

    For the past few weeks due to this self-quarantine, it has given me the time to reflect and look at works I've done in the past. While looking through the miscellanies of images, I ran across an interesting "error" that I kept. I feel very conflicted about whether or not to be thankful for this time to reflect on myself, I'm just trying to find a silver lining I guess.The piece that I'm sharing was an "error" but with this time I have now it has changed.