Frozen Immortality

Frozen Immortality

oil on canvas paper, 12 x17inches


  • Artist Info

    Tira Bunn

    Currently a teacher in San Bernardino City Unified School district, specifically at San Bernardino HS. Graduate from CSUSB with and emphasis in Drawing and Painting. Married for almost 25 years and a mother of 6, one of which recently made me a grandmother.

  • Short Statement

    With all of this turmoil right now I needed to find solace in art making. I actually drew out the design last year but being a busy mom and teacher I hadn’t made time to complete it. I have always been fond of peacocks and their gorgeous coloring- but then we also have been watching a lot of Frozen 2 which features these rich jewel tones. The feathers are talismans to protect the wearer from accidents, poisoning, diseases, and other disasters. For this reason the Peacock feather represents immortality, and can absorb negative energies, protecting those who wear them. Just like the phoenix those who wear the Peacock feather can rise from the ashes. In my mind I Envisioned more of a watercolor look, which was challenging because it’s oil. Some of it has that quality while other areas are more bold and rich. I specifically added metallic effects in both gold and silver to create some “illuminated” areas.