Under Volcanic Blood Moon

Under Volcanic Blood Moon

fiber art, 28x12"

Not For Sale

  • Artist Info

    Cindy Rinne is a San Bernardino artist and poet who has created fine art for over 40 years. She started creating fiber art over 30 years ago. She had tapestries in “Woven Stories” at MOAH (Lancaster Museum of Art and History) and at RAFFMA at Cal State San Bernardino for “Voices of Ancient Palmyra Resounded.” She participated in “50/50, FIFTY/FIFTY, The Creative Magic of Collaboration” at the Progress Gallery, Pomona, CA. Also, “I Pity the Poe” at The Hive Gallery in Los Angeles. Cindy was featured at “100 Vibrant Artists at the Neutra” in Los Angeles. Cindy curated and exhibited at Chaffey Community Museum of Art and the Inland Empire Museum of Art. She exhibited with “Old Broads” curated by Karen Karlsson in several southern California galleries. Her art was at the Ontario Airport through 2019.

  • Short Statement

    It seems like life is eclipsed and out of control for humans, but the seasons, animals, plants, etc. keep going. Also, a good time for introspection.